What Makes a Good Doctor?

As a way to celebrate Doctors Day, Rochester Regional Health is highlighting characteristics that patients say they look for in a good doctor.

Mar. 30, 2022 4   min read

March 30 marks Doctors Day around the world. This day is an opportunity for patients and colleagues alike to express their gratitude for the physicians who work tirelessly to provide the best care for each individual they encounter.

Rochester Regional Health is fortunate to employ some of the most highly qualified and well-respected doctors in the world. This is noted not only by their colleagues in healthcare, but by the patients they treat.

A good doctor

In 2019, the biannual Association of American Medical Colleges Public Opinion Research poll surveyed more than 1,900 people about a number of health-related issues. One of the topics addressed was identifying the characteristics that people identify most with good doctors.

According to the survey, patients are looking for doctors who have several specific characteristics.

Treat the whole person

The top survey result was for doctors who have “the ability to treat the whole person, not just the specific medical condition.” Doctors with Rochester Regional Health recognize that treating each patient requires looking at the full scope of their body and mind. Our physicians are able to collaborate with other providers and bring in other medical specialties for consultations as needed.

Active listening

Doctors who take the time to actively listen and respond to any questions a patient has are also perceived as being good doctors. Throughout Rochester Regional, our physicians are ready to hear the concerns and of each patient they encounter.

Whether there are questions raised or new information being given, our doctors take the time to hone in on what patients say – during in-person and video visits, phone calls, and MyCare messages.

Latest knowledge

People surveyed also said they value doctors who are up-to-date with their medical knowledge. Prioritizing continuing medical education is a trait we are proud of at Rochester Regional. Doctors are encouraged to attend conferences, lectures, and seminars each year to bring the latest research and advances in health care to our community.

Our doctors are also on the forefront of research in numerous fields through Rochester General Hospital Research Institute, including infectious diseases, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and biotechnology. Their work ensures patients in our community and around the world have access to new preventative and therapeutic treatments on a regular basis.

Good explanations

Doctors who can take complex medical concepts and explain them in a way their patients can understand easily are also highly sought after, according to the survey.

To someone unfamiliar with the health care system, even a mild diagnosis can be intimidating. Thankfully, Rochester Regional Health physicians take the time to sit down with patients and their families and explain conditions, treatments, and other aspects of treatment in a way that makes sense for them.

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