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CPH Cottage Street To Become 1 Way

The northern lane of Cottage Street in front of Canton-Potsdam Hospital will become one-way on December 12, 2022.

Dec. 7, 2022 4   min read

The northern lane of Cottage Street (blocked out in red) in front of Canton-Potsdam Hospital will become one-way on December 12. Traffic leaving from the five minute parking spaces, or the east end of the parking lot may exit Cottage Street via Leroy Street through the electronic arm.

POTSDAM, NY – The Regional Care Pavilion construction project at Canton-Potsdam Hospital (CPH) is steadily moving along. The next phase will take effect on Monday, December 12, 2022, when the CPH-owned portion of Cottage Street will become one-way.

The one-way traffic will help in preventing congestion along this section of Cottage Street, and provide uninhibited emergency vehicle access to the Emergency Ambulance entrance.

Patients and visitors coming to the Hospital on or after December 12 for non-emergent care will continue to enter the parking lot across from the Hospital. First responders and patients requiring emergency care will be able to continue straight on Cottage Street and proceed directly to the Emergency Department doors.

When leaving the eastern end of Cottage Street, all traffic will be asked to exit the Street at the intersection with Leroy Street. As a vehicle approaches the electronic arm, it will automatically raise. Vehicles will continue to use this entrance/exit system until further notice.

When vehicles leave the patient and visitor parking lot from the western most exit/entrance (closest to Waverly Street) they may proceed to the west end of Cottage Street as they have been doing since mid-October.

“The designated section of road is becoming one-way to allow for the construction team to install new support columns on the north-side of Cottage Street. Several columns will be erected as part of the new multi-million dollar project, and they will support a canopy over the new Emergency and Rescue Entrance, as well as support the new second, third, and fourth floor expansions,” stated St. Lawrence Health Director of Facilities Randy VanBrocklin.

Some of the most recent and up-coming accomplishments of the project include:

  • Pouring and placing over 400 yards/40 trucks of concrete
  • Completion of the parking lot fencing along Grove Street by the end of December
  • In early January the structural steel/skeleton of the building will begin

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