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Dr Alshamam Joins CPH Hospitalist Team

"I have already found this to be a warm, welcoming, and connected community,"

May. 22, 2023 3   min read

POTSDAM, NY - Mohsen Alshamam, MD, has joined St. Lawrence Health’s Hospitalist team at Canton-Potsdam Hospital, 50 Leroy Street, Potsdam.

Dr. Alshamam earned his medical degree from Trinity School of Medicine, St. Vincent and The Grenadines. He completed residency programs at Queens Hospital Center, Jamaica; and Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York. Dr. Alshamam has published numerous articles on medical topics ranging from Cardiology to COVID-19.

He noted he is excited to be joining Canton-Potsdam Hospital, and becoming part of not only the medical community, but the public community as well.

“Having been born and raised in a rural area prior to living in New York City, I have been given the opportunity to experience life at both ends of the spectrum. That experience was an important factor in choosing to work and live in Potsdam,” Dr. Alshamam said. “ I have already found this to be a warm, welcoming, and connected community; along with it being a peaceful, quiet, and tranquil environment are a few of the many reasons I favored Potsdam.”

He said Potsdam is a place where everyone seems to know each other, and to him, that is the true meaning of a community. He pointed out it is unusual to be walking in the city and being greeted, while it is a normal daily etiquette here.

“As someone who enjoys the outdoors, Potsdam offers various opportunities for me to be connected and engaged with the environment, and to bring back some of the unforgettable memories of the rural life I had,” Dr. Alshamam said.

“I am hoping and looking forward to having great and memorable times here at Canton-Potsdam Hospital and around the region, and in return, I will try my best to be an active and contributing member of the community,” he added.

As a Hospitalist, Dr. Alshamam specializes in the care of hospitalized patients, and coordinates acute-level care with primary care practitioners, case managers, allied health members, and specialists.

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