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Alok Gandi, DO, introduces us to one of his patients and talks about the benefits of weight loss surgery.

Jan. 3, 2019 2   min read

Weight loss surgeon Alok Gandhi, DO, says it's important to recognize that obesity is a disease, not a self-inflicted problem. Obesity can cause high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease – just to name a few. Currently, more than one-third of Americans are overweight and experts have forecasted that by 2030, more than half of the population will be obese. Making the decision to have weight loss surgery requires careful consideration and consultation with a bariatric surgeon. 

Gandhi admits that obesity is a complex problem. There are multiple factors that can cause one to become overweight. He says that most of his patients have tried diet and exercise, but still deal with stressors like finding clothes that fit, fitting in an airplane seat and being healthy enough to keep up with their children.

During this segment of ROCHealth Radio, he introduced us to Nick Maraglia, a local man who underwent weight-loss surgery and saw his weight decrease by more than 300 pounds. Nick admitted he was nervous but that the arrival of a baby daughter motivated him to undergo the surgery. After receiving a bariatric sleeve, he could see improvement in his body and morale every day. He says that watching the scale drop weekly was all the motivation he needed to continue on his healthy path. 

When Gandhi first meets patients, he says he takes a step back to understand the patient's goals. He wants to equip his patients with the tools that they need to succeed and lead a healthy life long after the surgery. 

Meet Nick:


Gandhi emphasized that the team at Rochester Regional Health is comprised of nutritionists and psychologists are each involved in providing patients with ongoing support through their weight loss surgery and beyond, helping patients understand the benefits, as well as the changes and challenges, that accompany life after bariatric surgery.


Weight Loss Surgery

If you’ve tried a healthy diet and exercise and your health is still at risk from being overweight, turn to the Rochester Regional Health Bariatric Surgery team

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