Meet Hip Surgeon Dr. Nicholas Loffredo

Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Nicholas Loffredo was recently profiled by Buffalo Business First, where he discussed the benefits of the anterior hip replacement approach and bringing it to Batavia.

Mar. 29, 2019 1   min read

Rochester Regional Health is bringing the latest in hip replacement surgery to the communities that we serve. Orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Nicolas Loffredo was recently profiled by Buffalo Business First for bringing anterior hip replacement options to the Batavia community. 

As an orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Loffredo is trained in and can offer the full range of joint replacement surgeries but has strong expertise in anterior hip replacement surgery. During surgery, he accesses the hip joint through the front of the hip rather than the back (as in traditional approaches). So what does this mean for patients? A smaller incision, reduced chance of hip dislocation and infection and quicker recovery times compared to the traditional approach. 

Dr. Loffredo was born and raised in Lockport, NY and is the only physician in Batavia to offer this approach. 

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