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New Placenta Donation Program at RGH Helps Others Heal

Rochester General Hospital is partnering with mothers to help others heal with the first Placenta Donation Program in the Rochester, NY area.
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Jul. 22, 2019 2   min read

Rochester General Hospital is partnering with MTF Biologics for the first ever Placenta Donation Program in Rochester, NY. Mothers who give birth at Rochester General Hospital’s TWIG Birthing Center can now donate their placenta after delivery to help others heal.

"The placenta promotes tissue regrowth and heals wound ulcers, sports injuries, and other injuries," explains Michelle Trenkler, Nurse Manager of Labor and Delivery at Rochester General.

That’s why the team at MTF Biologics is using the donated placentas to create tissue grafts and protective barriers applied to wounds. There is no financial cost to donating and the gift increases in value with every person it heals. New moms at the TWIG Birthing Center will be asked if they are interested in the program if they meet basic health requirements.

A Gift that Keeps on Giving

Couples like Joanna and Chuck Mambretti are already saying “yes” to donating. When they heard about the possibilities, they were convinced it was the right thing to do. “If it can help someone, either a neighbor or someone far away, then we know it’s the right thing for us to do,” said Chuck. “We’re very excited about the opportunity to help others with something that often goes to waste.”

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