In-House COVID-19 Testing

Rochester Regional Health provides in-house testing and drive-thru evaluation for COVID-19 in Rochester, NY.
Coronavirus testing kits Rochester NY

Apr. 8, 2020 3   min read

Rochester Regional Health is testing patients for COVID-19 at Rochester General Hospital, Unity Hospital, Clifton Springs Hospital, and United Memorial Medical Center. Based on CDC and State Health Department guidelines, testing is prioritized for exposed healthcare workers and seriously ill inpatients. Patients cannot receive testing upon request. 

Using the FDA-approved Roche platform, Rochester Regional now provides automated testing for faster results. 

"The Rochester Regional Laboratory Medicine team is continuously researching new testing options; we are committed to only utilizing test kits and methods that we are confident will guarantee highly accurate results," said Dawn Riedy, MD, System Chair for Hospital Labs & Pathology at RGH. 

Testing by Rochester Regional Health also enables the Monroe County Health Department to communicate daily and accurate tallies of test results.

“In-house testing helps us get a handle on how much disease is in the community, and right now that's of the highest importance," said Emil LeshoDO, Infectious Disease Specialist at Rochester Regional Health.

Telehealth expands to include COVID-19 symptoms

Rochester Regional Health was the first to test for COVID-19 in Rochester. Dr. Lesho says positive and negative results of tests provide the region with valuable information. 

“Lack of testing means symptomatic patients need to wear masks, gloves, and gowns for longer. These items are scarce," said Dr. Lesho. "By getting test results back, especially negative tests, we can stop using those extra protective mechanisms and provide them to positive patients."

Drive-thru Evaluation

Due to the tireless work of our staff and the community’s active participation in mitigating the spread of COVID-19, our area continues to see low numbers of positive cases.

As a result, we are beginning the process of removing evaluation tents at Unity Hospital, United Memorial Medical Center, and Clifton Springs Hospital & Clinic and transitioning care back to our Emergency Departments or Urgent Care sites. The drive-thru evaluation tent at Wilson Urgent Care on the Rochester General Hospital campus will remain operational for employee testing and respiratory evaluations only.

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