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First in Region to Perform Outpatient Total Knee Replacement

Retired firefighter becomes the first patient to receive a total knee replacement and leave the surgery center the same day.
Outpatient total knee replacement

Aug. 4, 2020 2   min read

A Rochester Regional Health patient is the first in the region to receive a total knee replacement procedure and leave the hospital that same day. Mark Delaus, a retired Rochester City Firefighter, had always lived an active life until he started experiencing issues with his knee. "The pain was pretty unbearable. My range of motion was bad, and I'd have good days and bad days," the Fairport man said.

Upon examination, it was decided that Delaus needed a total knee replacement. Healthy and motivated, Delaus was a candidate for the new outpatient procedure which would allow him to receive surgery outside of the hospital and return home the same day.

A Total Success

John Klibanoff, MD, an orthopedic surgeon at the Rochester Surgery Center at Linden Oaks, performed the procedure on Delaus. “Performing an outpatient total knee replacement allows the patient to recover more rapidly in the home environment,” said Dr. Klibanoff. “The patient spends less time in a medical setting, which can ease a lot of worries the patient may have.”

The total knee replacement was a success, and Delaus was able to walk and bear weight on his leg within a few hours.

“It was amazing how I was able to move it so freely right afterwards," said Delaus.

Rochester Regional Health offers outpatient total knee replacement to patients in the five-county area. The new procedure allows for a more convenient, cost-effective option for eligible patients. The outpatient procedure is performed at Rochester Surgery Center, rather than in a hospital. This provides advantages to the patient, and other patients who would normally require hospital beds.

“The more surgeries that can be performed at the surgery center as outpatient procedures, the more open beds there will be in hospitals for those in need,” said Dr. Klibanoff.

Dr. Klibanoff added that during the time of a pandemic, having the capability to perform outpatient procedures can benefit the system’s capacity to help those who become ill or injured while alleviating the concern some patients may have about going to hospitals.

Leaders in Orthopedic Procedures 

Rochester Regional Health provides a breadth of services for patients in need of orthopedic procedures. A variety of minimally invasive methods, such as anterior arthroplasty, are offered to patients and can provide faster recovery, less muscle damage, and other benefits.

To ensure the safety of patients during outpatient surgery and throughout postoperative recovery, criteria must be met for a patient to be eligible. Although eligibility is determined on a case-to-case basis, generally a patient must lead an active lifestyle, be motivated for recovery, and be free from significant medical risk factors that are more appropriate to be monitored in a hospital setting.

“It’s important that we ensure patients meet the criteria for outpatient total knee replacement to reduce the risk of postoperative complications.”

Surgeons will work with patients to decide between options and provide support throughout the decision-making process to ensure each patient is receiving the care that is best for them.

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