Events: New Guidelines & Safety Tips

If you're planning on attending an event, what should you do to keep yourself and others safe? Here are the guidelines for both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals.

Jun. 17, 2021 4   min read

On June 15, 2021, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that New York State will no longer be requiring fully vaccinated individuals to mask or social distance when outdoors or indoors, except in certain crowded settings or venues.

As more people become fully vaccinated for COVID-19, our community is regaining a sense of normalcy. With events and sporting games starting to resume, what does this mean for those planning on attending? Melissa Bronstein, Senior Director of Infection Prevention & Control at Rochester Regional Health, talks about what is safe and when to follow protocols while at an event.

When should you wear a mask?

Although new guidance allows for less mask-wearing for those who are vaccinated, there are still certain situations in which people should wear a mask

“Socially-distanced outdoor events are low-risk situations for spreading COVID-19, and for vaccinated people, it is even lower-risk. Be mindful of washing and sanitizing your hands, as the virus can still spread,” said Melissa Bronstein.

Every venue may have varying protocols, so if you plan to attend an event be sure to check with the venue on what to expect. For example, Frontier Field, the home of the Rochester Red Wings, is creating two sections in their stands: one for fully vaccinated individuals, and one for unvaccinated individuals.

“In the unvaccinated section, there will be “fan pods” that will allow for 1-8 people in the same group to be together. Each group will need to wear their masks and have an enforced 6 feet between them,” said Dan Mason, general manager of the Rochester Red Wings. “For vaccinated fans, we still encourage mask-wearing unless they are in eating or drinking in their seat.”

Remember: unvaccinated people should continue to mask at all times when around others.

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Indoor Events

New York State continues to require proof of a negative COVID-19 test for anyone unvaccinated, over the age of four, attending an indoor event of over 5,000 people. Unvaccinated attendees will also be required to wear masks.

If fully vaccinated, individuals may sit closer together and masks are optional. However, proof of vaccination may be required.

Tips for unvaccinated individuals

Any unvaccinated individual, including those who have not yet had their second dose of a Pfizer/BioNTech or Moderna vaccine, should wear a mask and practice social distancing, whether indoors or outdoors.

“The same safety protocols remain: wear your mask, stay 6 feet apart, wash your hands and sanitize regularly. Be sure to avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth, and certainly do not forget to wash your hands before eating,” said Bronstein.

Tips for vaccinated individuals

Fully vaccinated individuals may be required to show proof of vaccination at events to be considered vaccinated. Proof of vaccination can be in paper or digital form. Those living in New York State can download digital proof of vaccination on New York State’s website.

Masking protocols may differ from venue to venue, so be sure to check the guidelines provided by the event venue you plan to attend.

What if the adults in my group are vaccinated but the children are not?

In New York State, those under the age of 16 who have not received their vaccine may accompany fully-vaccinated adults in the vaccinated section of an event venue.

Safety recommendations for unvaccinated kids  

Should I wear a mask if I am fully vaccinated but have underlying conditions?

For those with underlying health conditions who are at high risk of serious illness from COVID-19, speak with your primary care provider before heading outdoors without a mask on.


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