Nurses Week: 5 Ways to Say ‘Thank You’

Looking for a way to express your gratitude to the nurses you know? We have a few suggestions to share.

May. 11, 2022 4   min read

May 6-12, 2022 marks National Nurses Week. This day is an opportunity for patients and colleagues alike to express their gratitude for the nurses who work tirelessly to provide the best care for each individual they encounter.

Rochester Regional Health is fortunate to employ some of the most highly qualified and well-respected nurses in the world. If you want to show your appreciation for one of the nurses in our health system, here are a few suggestions.

Leave a card or letter

Messages of appreciation and gratitude never fail to make someone’s day. Write your note as short or long as you would like it to be; it’s the thought that counts.

Whether you choose to buy a card or make one yourself, write or type out a letter, the words of thanks you choose will stay in the hearts and minds of nurses longer than you may think!

Send over food

An edible ‘thank you’ is a great way to celebrate nurses. From donuts to fruit baskets to sandwiches, there are a lot of options to put a smile on the faces of your nurse and their team.

Be sure to check with the nurse’s office or team first to see if this is okay.

Recommend your nurses

Writing a recommendation online is an excellent way to show not only your nurse that you appreciate them, but to tell others about the care you received.

Consider what another patient might want to hear that your nurse does well and share that. Recommendations can be posted to general sites such as Google Reviews or to provider-centered sites such as Health Grades.

Make a donation

Ask a nurse if they have a charity or non-profit organization that is significant to them and if you could make a donation in their name. Some nurses do work with organizations in their communities or travel abroad.

DAISY Nomination

Each year, the DAISY Foundation hands out its DAISY Awards to nurses who are nominated by patients, their family members, and team members.

Nominees have a passion for nursing, demonstrate clinical excellence, are of service to the community, show respect for patients and families, and are an integral member of their team.

If you know a nurse who demonstrates these qualities, you can submit a nomination form through Rochester Regional Health’s website.

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