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What is PACE?

If you or an older loved one are looking for a way to live independently while also having access to medical, transportation and personalized care services, a PACE program might be the right fit.

Oct. 14, 2022 4   min read

As seniors grow older and start to need more assistance in their day-to-day living, but don’t require full-time nursing home care, it may be helpful to know that there are programs available that allow for both independence at home and high-quality health care at the same time.

A Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly, or PACE, provides the entire continuum of medical care and support services to seniors with chronic care needs – and allows them to keep living at home for as long as possible. ElderONE is the only PACE program in the greater Rochester area, serving Monroe, Ontario and Wayne Counties.

Kathy Ralston is the director of business development at ElderONE with Rochester Regional Health and shares what the program has to offer, who is eligible to join, and how to get started.

What PACE offers

PACE programs are offered through Medicaid and Medicare, so most seniors who are beneficiaries of either program can enroll. Those who wish to pay privately can also enroll.

In Monroe, Ontario, and Wayne Counties, ElderONE provides both care in the home and at day centers.

PACE programs, like ElderONE, provide board-certified geriatricians (primary care physicians who specialize in treating senior adults), registered nurses, licensed social workers, licensed therapists, PACE day center managers, registered dieticians, care aides, professional drivers, and chaplains – all of whom come together to meet the needs of each participant.

“Our multidisciplinary team creates an individualized plan around each person, working together to bring the best care to seniors wherever they may need it – whether in their own home or in another setting,” Ralston said.

Services & programs

There are a variety of care services available to people who enroll in a PACE program, like ElderONE.

Day center care

At a PACE center, a variety of medical, rehabilitative, and personal care services are offered to participants. This may include recreational therapy, off-site activities, meals and snacks, nutritional counseling, social work, medical visits on-site, spiritual counseling, personal care, and rehabilitation.

Home health care

By receiving home health care, seniors are able to meet their personal and medical needs while living independently. This includes personal care, meal preparation, medication management, and more.

Care plans are consistently re-evaluated so participants care needs and goals are met.

Medical care

The clinics at PACE centers offer primary care and nursing care. The medical team develops a plan with each participant that aligns with their medical and care goals. The team supervises each participant’s medical care and treatment plan and works closely with specialty medical physicians in a variety of fields.


To get PACE participants back on track, therapists across several different specialties are ready to work with seniors and help them reach their goals.

Rehabilitation services include physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and respiratory therapy. Walkers, canes, wheelchairs, and other medical equipment is available as needed.

Social services

PACE participants have strong advocates in their program’s social workers. As an integral part of each participant’s care team, social services team members can help assess each individual’s needs and give them the support and independence to live well.


Not being able to drive can be isolating and frustrating for seniors. PACE transportation coordinates rides to and from PACE centers, along with medical appointments.


To qualify for PACE, individuals need to meet certain criteria. This includes:

  • Being 55 or older
  • Living in the area served by the PACE organization
  • Need community-based, long-term care for more than 120 days
  • Being able to live safely in the community with help from PACE

For those who wish to enroll, some PACE organizations – including ElderONE – require participants to receive all of their health care from providers within our extensive provider network. Emergency care is an exception.

“Our extensive network of providers delivers the care that each person needs, no matter what stage they may be at in their life,” Ralston said. “There is so much we have to offer through services and programs at ElderONE.”

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An affiliate of Rochester Regional Health, ElderONE is the area’s only PACE program enabling seniors 55+ with chronic care needs to remain independent at home, while still receiving the care and support they need. Offering a full continuum of medical care and social services, ElderONE provides a safe, convenient alternative to nursing home placement.

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