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Distinguished Nurses Awarded Throughout SLH

Morgan Lintner, RN; Meagan Metott, RN; and Dezirae Preston, RN, are recognized.

May. 23, 2023 3   min read

DAISY, and Nurse of Distinction Awards Presented

St. Lawrence Health is thrilled to announce that registered nurses at each of its three hospitals have been awarded for their distinguished service.

The DAISY Award was presented to Morgan Lintner, RN, at Canton-Potsdam Hospital; and Dezirae Preston, RN, at Gouverneur Hospital. The Nurse of Distinction Award was presented to Meagan Metott, RN, at Massena Hospital. All three nurses were honored for the remarkable patient experience they provide.

DAISY Award nominees must demonstrate compassion, teamwork, persistent patient advocacy, community awareness, consistent adherence to the highest clinical and ethical standards of the nursing profession, and timely, informative, and therapeutic communication.

Nurse of Distinction Award nominees should lead by example, and be someone who goes above and beyond, displays compassionate care, and is dedication to the nursing profession.

CPH Daisy 2023

[(Row 1, L to R: Nursing Education Director Amy Nugent; Amanda Stevens, NA; Tricia Boland, LPN; Canton-Potsdam Hospital Daisy Award recipient Morgan Lintner, RN; Director of MSU3/Observation Unit Austie Claxton; Director of MSU2 Toni Kennedy; Shianne Yeddo RN; Director of Nursing Operations Laura Kiely; and Director of Magnet Program Jolene Carotenuto. (Row 2, L to R)  William Vandenburgh, CNA; Megan Coventry CNA; Lisa MacWilliams CNA; Courtney Chevier, UC; Beth Steenberg, RN; and Meagan McNeilly, UC.]

GH Daisy 2023
[(L to R) Behavioral Health Director Heather Rich, GH Vice President of Nursing Christina Latta, Emergency Department Nurse Manager Jay Moore, Gouverneur Hospital Daisy Award recipient Dezirae Preston, Nurse Educator Brian Moore, and MSU Nurse Manager Carrie Foster.]

MH Nurse of Distinction 2023

[(L to R) Assistant Director of Nursing Tammy Sue Mitchell,; Nurse Operations Manager Michael Newtown, MH Vice President of Nursing Julie Smithers, Registered Nurse Michael Lazore, Massena Hospital Nurse of Distinction Meagan Metott, Emergency Department Medical Director Frederic Laporte, MD, and MH President David Bender.]