Kinney Drugs Foundation Commits To CPH Campaign

The Kinney Drugs Foundation made a $200,000 commitment to the Great Care, Right Here Fundraising Campaign. Learn how the funds will be used.

Jan. 31, 2024 3   min read

(L to R) St. Lawrence Health and Canton-Potsdam Hospital COO Michael Rulffes, St. Lawrence Health President Donna McGregor, Kinney Drugs Foundation President David McClure, and CPH Board Member and Great Care, Right Here Fundraising Campaign Chair Jacquie Kuno. 

POTSDAM, NY – Kinney Drugs Foundation has made a $200,000 commitment to the Great Care, Right Here Fundraising Campaign to support the construction of the St. Lawrence Health (SLH) Regional Care Pavilion and other vital initiatives at Canton-Potsdam Hospital.

The Great Care, Right Here Fundraising Campaign goal is to raise funds from government sources, individuals, private foundations, and vendors to help support the construction of the Regional Care Pavilion, and advance workforce development through education for our clinicians who are at the very heart of our organization.

“The Kinney Drugs Foundation is very pleased to support St. Lawrence Health and its Great Care, Right Here campaign,” shared Kinney Drugs Foundation President. “The Pavilion’s new facilities and services will undoubtedly improve the level of care for residents in Canton, Potsdam, and the surrounding communities we both serve.”

SLH President Donna McGregor has championed the Regional Care Pavilion as an important and valuable investment that will increase access to high-quality emergency, obstetric, and inpatient care for St. Lawrence County residents.

“Building a healthy community requires more than just hospitals and doctors. It requires teamwork and partnership from those we serve, and we are grateful for this significant commitment from the Kinney Drugs Foundation,” Ms. McGregor said.

Great Care, Right Here Campaign Chair Jacquie Kuno commented, “This is a project that will go on for generations, and what we're doing today is really laying the groundwork for healthcare in the future for the North Country.”

For information on making a donation to the Campaign, contact SLH Foundation Executive Director April Grant at (315) 261-5418.

The Kinney Drugs Foundation is the philanthropic arm of KPH Healthcare Services, Inc. with locations in 14 states, including its home state of New York. Since its inception in 2002, the Kinney Drugs Foundation has given more than $12 million to these communities, helping make positive changes in the lives of so many people.

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The Regional Care Pavilion at CPH will assure quality health care in the North Country for years to come. 

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