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Rochester Woman Finds Relief From Varicose Veins

Cheryl’s varicose veins were causing pain and swelling in her legs. After visiting the Vein Treatment Center, she was able to find the relief she needed.

Mar. 18, 2024 4   min read

Empty patient room at the vein treatment center in Rochester
A patient room inside the Vein Treatment Center on Portland Avenue in Rochester.

Hosting a holiday gathering is a lot of fun – and a lot of work. Cheryl Mackenzie and her husband had their adult children and their five grandchildren at their home in Rochester for Thanksgiving dinner.

Cheryl, 65, is an active person who goes for walks and rides a stationary bike at home. She enjoys camping with her husband and their dog. But even as an active person, being on her feet all day preparing and cooking a holiday meal led to aches and pains that she didn’t fully expect.

“I have varicose veins in my left leg and things swelled up more than usual,” Cheryl said.

A few days after the holiday, Cheryl began to look for a solution to her varicose veins.

Finding expertise and feeling relief

Cheryl decided to visit the Vein Treatment Center on Portland Avenue in Rochester and said it was a positive experience from her first consultation appointment.

“They made me feel secure about it all,” Cheryl said. “They explained everything as they went along.”

After undergoing an ultrasound of her leg, Cheryl said she met with Dr. Deveraj Pyne to discuss thermal vein ablation – a minimally invasive procedure that uses heat to close varicose veins. She agreed to go through with the procedure, which required three 30-minute sessions and for her to wear a compression stocking in between each appointment.

“Any time [Dr. Pyne] was going to do the injection part, he would let me know that there would be a little pinch or that a certain part might hurt a little more,” Cheryl said. “You were very prepared.”

Cheryl said staff members in the room helped her with her compression stocking, caring for her as best as they could and ensuring she was prepared when she went home – giving her a phone number to call in case she had any questions or felt off in any way.

“They made sure you knew exactly what you were doing before you left,” Cheryl said.

Within a few weeks, Cheryl was able to take the compression stocking off completely and had no issues – just in time for Christmas Eve.

“I would definitely highly recommend [the Vein Treatment Center] to anyone who would have to go through this,” Cheryl said.

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