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Stay Close To Home For Your Cardiac Rehab

Any medical provider or Cardiologist can send a referral for their patients to attend Cardiac Rehab at Massena Hospital.

Feb. 5, 2024 3   min read

Peter Popiel of Raymondville underwent heart bipass surgery over a decade ago, and dutifully continues his healthy heart regimen three times a week at the Massena Hospital Cardiac Rehabilitation Unit.

 It doesn’t matter if you run marathons on your days off, or utilize a wheelchair to move about, if you require Cardiac Rehabilitation, the unit at Massena Hospital is prepared to work with you.

February 11-17, 2004 is Cardiac Rehabilitation Week, and the team members within the unit at the Hospital want the public to be aware they are ready to work with patients who have all levels of ability.

Cardio Rehabilitation Exercise Specialist Krystle Lincoln noted they provide services to all cardiology patients.

“Individuals do not have to be the patient of a St. Lawrence Health provider. Any medical provider or Cardiologist can send a referral for their patients to attend our Cardiac Rehab. Many of our patients receive a referral at the facility where they had their procedure or surgery performed,” she said.

The highly trained staff often see patients who may have needed to travel for their surgery, but prefer to have their rehabilitation close to home where it is more convenient for them. It is extremely important for heart patients to complete their prescribed treatment in the proper setting.

Optimal Benefits

“Our patients are monitored throughout their sessions with telemetry, blood pressure, and if needed, oxygen,” Ms. Lincoln stated. “Cardiac Rehab has been proven to reduce cardiovascular death risk by 58%, reduce heart attack risk by 30%, reduce depression symptoms by 63%, reduce hospital readmissions, reduce resting blood pressure, and improve exercise capacity.”

St. Lawrence Health Cardiologist Alexandru Stoian, MD, gave high praise to the Rehabilitation team for their skill level and expertise in this field.

“There are thousands of patients in the North Country who could benefit from going here,” he said. “Other than stopping smoking, Cardiac Rehab is the most effective form of making your heart stronger and preventing you from being readmitted to the hospital following a heart procedure or illness. It will also decrease your mortality.”

The Rehabilitation unit was recently moved from the Imaging Suite at Massena Hospital to the first floor, where it now has its own wing. The remodeled space has new equipment, and windows that provide natural light. Cardiac Rehabilitation equipment that is used for a speedy recovery includes arm ergonometers, exercise bikes, hand and ankle weights, recumbent steppers, and treadmills.

Patients who may benefit from these services include those with angioplasty or coronary stenting, congestive heart failure, stable angina coronary, or who have had artery bypass surgery, heart or heart-lung transplant, a heart attack, or valve replacements or repairs.

NEXT STEPS CardiacRehab Is Important For Recovery

Cardiac Rehabilitation has been proven to reduce cardiovascular death risk by 58%, and should be completed as prescribed.

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