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Substance Use Program Serving LGBTQ+ Community

The region’s first substance use program focusing specifically on the needs of the LGBTQ+ community will be available through Rochester Regional Health.

Jun. 1, 2022 4   min read

Substance use disorders can be among the most challenging obstacles to overcome in a person’s life. For those in the LGBTQ+ community, finding competent care to help them along the path to recovery can be difficult.

Rochester Regional Health is proud to be the first health system in the Rochester region to offer chemical dependency services tailored specifically to the LGBTQ+ community.

Emily Kirkland is an addiction therapist at the Evelyn Brandon Chemical Dependency Clinic and Emily Yanni is the program coordinator for the LGBTQ+ program; both share about the program and its approach.

A different approach

Some programs have a standardized treatment plan that each individual is required to conform to in order to receive treatment. With Rochester Regional’s specialized care for LGBTQ+ patients, care and treatment for substance use disorders and chemical dependency are highly personalized.

Our providers offer person-centered care, and go through anti-discrimination and anti-harassment training to ensure all patients are treated equitably. Whether you are making an initial phone call to one of our locations, scheduling a consultation, or coming in for an appointment, every member of our staff will be trained in how to use proper pronouns, avoiding microaggressions, and using gender-affirming language.

Confidentiality is maintained at all times. If a person is exploring their sexual orientation or gender identity/expression, we will support them as they go through that process. We will not share any information without a patient’s permission.

“The second you come through our doors, we want to make sure we know what you need so we can tailor our services to you instead of the other way around,” Yanni said. “We want to hear your story. Once we know where you are coming from, we can work together and create a treatment plan that is centered around you.”


Through Rochester Regional Health, we are able to offer a wide range of services to meet the needs of anyone who comes through our doors. This includes:

  • Individual recovery sessions
  • LGBTQ-specific group sessions
  • Family services & counseling (biological or chosen)
  • Couples counseling
  • Peer recovery services

“There is a need for special services for the LGBTQ+ community, but not everyone may be comfortable asking for this support in other organizations,” Kirkland said. “These are the services that our staff is most excited to be offering.”

Coming soon

Our programs and services for the LGBTQ+ community will be available to six locations in the Rochester region – both at inpatient and outpatient locations.

Outpatient locations will be in Brighton, Greece, Irondequoit, and Rochester; inpatient locations will be in Batavia and Greece.

“This program will be the new normal for our standard of care,” Kirkland said. “This is not just something we are announcing for Pride Month. This is a safe and inclusive space that can be an expectation moving forward.”

NEXT STEPS Recovery Within Reach

If you’re searching for help with a substance use disorder, look no further – Rochester Regional Health has the inclusive, gender-affirming support you need. Our culturally competent care provides informed and inclusive recovery services that revolve around you and your needs, no one else.

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