Honoring Our Nursing DAISY Award Recipients

Rochester Regional Health is thrilled to highlight each of our fantastic nurses whose hard work and dedication earned them a DAISY Award nomination.

Jul. 12, 2023

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Nurses nominated for the DAISY Award consistently demonstrate excellence and are recognized as outstanding role models in the nursing community. This award is a nationwide program that rewards and celebrates the extraordinary clinical skill and compassionate care given by nurses every day.

Rochester Regional Health is privileged to share that 20 of our nurses are being recognized with DAISY Awards this year, in addition to 13 nurses who were honored with DAISY Awards earlier this year.

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Amy Corrigan, RN

Location: Emergency Department, Rochester General Hospital

Nominated by: Colleague

I would describe Amy as not only one of the nurses in the RGH Emergency Room but also one of the best nurses I have ever known. Her compassion and dedication to her patients and co-workers are undeniable. In fewer than four years at RGH, Amy has earned many titles and responsibilities. She reviews all the department's safe connects, is a SANE nurse, a co-leader of our unit council, a triage trainer, a charge nurse, a clinical resource nurse, and a quality coordinator. Additionally, Amy helps with our Sunshine Fund: a dual-benefit snack program that keeps our blood sugars normal when we don't have enough time to get away for a proper meal, and a monetary account that the department can use to help pay for unit-specific celebrations or even to assist our co-workers in times of need. I know that when Amy is in charge, our staff and patients are in extraordinary hands. She can think critically and is an excellent resource when questions arise. She manages the ED with a smile and is a true, trustworthy team player. Amy is flexible with her schedule and always ready to help.

Most recently, I witnessed Amy respond to an ERT (Emergency Response Team) call. Amy was starting her indirect shift time when the call was announced overhead in the hospital. Without being asked, she offered to assist. Upon arrival at the garage, where the ERT response was for someone who had fallen or was thought to have had a syncopal episode, she quickly realized that the patient was in cardiac arrest. Amy helped to call for additional resources and the necessary equipment and facilitated the transfer of the patient to the ED while documenting the code. Amy stayed with the patient until the transfer from the ED to the ICU was completed. If you are reading this and do not know who Amy is, you should. She is one of the nurses you never want to leave RGH. She is our present, and she is our future. Nurses like Amy help others navigate the deep waters we have been treading these past two years. She is the nurse who truly inspires others. I can say that staff members or patients who have enjoyed working alongside Amy would 100% agree.

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Adam Weber, RN

Location: 5200 Unit, Rochester General Hospital

Nominated by: Colleague

It is with great privilege and honor that I speak on behalf of Registered Nurse Adam Weber, who is deserving of recognition for his leadership, knowledge, and mentorship. Adam has been a nurse on 5200 for 2.5 years and has excelled immensely in his nursing career in the past year. He shows a devotion to duty, acts as a trusted leader, and holds expert knowledge in cardiology. As a primary charge RN on days, he demonstrates decisive leadership ability and is a reliable resource for information. One team member wrote, “Adam helps out the unit as best as possible. He knows his roles and responsibilities well and does them to the best of his ability. Adam is a great educator and leader on the floor." If you walk out onto the unit, you can see Adam holding his head high and helping the team in any way he can. I have heard him say, "Let me show you how to do this" countless times as he goes above and beyond his charge duties to do real-time teaching with his peers. Along with his leadership and devotion to duty, he shows commitment through his punctuality. He is always here 15-20 minutes early, looking up his patients with his alarm set to clock in only 6 minutes before his shift. He has done this since he began his nursing career and throughout the pandemic. His dedication to consistently coming in early off the clock highlights his commitment to patient care and his eagerness to work to the best of his ability. Adam has even shown up on his days off with bagels in his hand for the team. He recognizes the importance of a healthy work environment and effortlessly contributes to it through his actions.

Adam is a role model to those around him, delivering exceptional patient care. He has received multiple excellence cards from patients, the most recent saying, “Adam was amazing! Very kind and attentive. Explained everything, the best nurse I had in my 3-day stay.” I once observed him sitting down with a patient in our overflow bed and using the stand aid to help the PCT get her out of bed, taking the time to talk to her, and then making sure she was fully cared for by even rubbing lotion on her legs. She had been in the overflow for over a week, and Adam ensured she received the care she needed and exhibited kindness and compassion to her and the family.

Lastly, as a mentor, Adam excels. He has worked with over 10 explore nurses over the course of 4-week time blocks, totaling 10 months of training and teaching new nurses. Of those 10 explore nurses, five of them have chosen 5200 as their home, and it is obvious that Adam plays a big part in their nursing careers. He is known as “Dr. Weber” on the floor because of his eagerness to teach. He received a fruit basket from two explore nurses saying, “Special thanks to Dr. Weber- thank you for orienting, teaching, and welcoming us to the unit. We both loved 5200 so much and will be forever grateful for the knowledge and time you’ve given us.” He holds a special part in the 5200 team here at RGH and is an outstanding leader, nurse, mentor, and contributor to the growth of the nursing profession. He is most deserving of this honor and recognition.

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Carrie Elliot, RN

Location: G1 – Psych, Rochester General Hospital

Nominated by: Colleague

Carrie Elliott started as a tech in 2011 on G1. Carrie was always dedicated to our unit. She was a full-time employee and a nursing student working on her RN. When she first graduated, she wanted to try out other medical departments but quickly learned that wasn’t for her. Carrie then returned to FG12 as a full-time nurse.

Carrie comes to work daily, putting her whole heart into everything she does. Carrie has recently learned the charge role. Carrie always makes the team feel good and supported. She will individually check on every team member to make sure they are okay and not feeling overwhelmed. Carrie is quick to help in every situation, even if it is not her assigned patient. Carrie enjoys spending time with our patients. Our unit is a lot different than most other units. Patients are allowed to be out in the hallways, playing games and interacting. She will sit for hours interacting with patients.

Carrie recently had a patient who had a newborn baby. Carrie did everything in her power to ensure her patient wouldn’t miss her child’s first bath time. There are endless examples of how Carrie is an amazing nurse, but this one just really hit home. Carrie really shows passion in everything she does.

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Alyssa Bruno, BSN, RN-C, CLC

Location: August Family Birth Place, Unity Hospital

Nominated by: Colleagues

Prior to Alyssa taking on this role, this department had a significant amount of leadership turnover, opportunities for improved patient outcomes, and a need for synergy between the disciplines that make this department function. Alyssa is dedicated to ensuring every patient and family that comes to the FBP receives the highest quality care, delivered with compassion, respect, and dignity. 

I not only have the privilege of working with Alyssa as a colleague but as a patient delivering both my children at the FBP. These two lenses have allowed me to professionally witness her leadership skills and ability to motivate and engage with her team and reap the benefits of that through the patient experience. 

Alyssa’s ability to engage in crucial conversations, advocate for her unit, and collaborate with all roles have created an environment team that members are proud to work in, other leaders try to emulate, and patients seek treatment. She embodies the essence and spirit of the DAISY Leader Award and deserves recognition for the impact she has had on her team and the community. 

Alyssa has excelled in her role as nursing director of the August family birthplace. She assumed the role at a time of turmoil in the heart of the COVID pandemic and vaccination requirements. She very quickly fostered the trust and admiration of her team. She was able to navigate emotionally challenging issues for her team by working collaboratively on solutions. For issues impacting the well-being of her team and the well-being of patients, she has consistently demonstrated a willingness to take on difficult conversations. She consistently advocates for her team and, at the same time, holds her team accountable. Her calm, approachable demeanor, along with her willingness to take on difficult issues, has led to a clear shift in culture in the labor and delivery unit. The atmosphere of cooperation, dedication, and collegiality on the labor and delivery floor is in large part due to her leadership. Alyssa has empowered her team in general but specifically fostered leadership skills in multiple team members by appropriately delegating important patient safety and quality improvement projects and initiatives. Her willingness to provide autonomy to her team has been an important part of the positive cultural shift in the Birth Place. Alyssa has clearly established an open relationship with her team so that team members are comfortable bringing concerns to her. She is skilled at identifying which of those concerns need to be brought to hospital and system leadership and at ensuring that those concerns are addressed. Alyssa's dedication, skillful open leadership, and compassion for patients and her team are a true asset to our system.

Read more nomination statements for Alyssa

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Isabelle Cassata, LPN

Location: 2200 – Cardiac, Unity Hospital

Nominated by: Patient

I was in the hallway bed, and Izzy got me a room. She also walked with me and talked with me. She made me feel human.

She is amazing and has helped me learn a lot and be confident in my work. I respect her as she is always kind and respectful to me.

Izzy is always willing to help and does everything with an upbeat attitude.

Kind, beautiful personality, caring.

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Roberto Quinones-Flores, RN, BSN

Location: ICU, Unity Hospital

Nominated by: Patients

He was wonderful—very hands-on but with a nice easy bedside manner. He joked with me and answered my questions. He made me feel comfortable and positive. I really enjoyed him.

Thank you so much for helping my mother. You are amazing. You have been nothing but wonderful to my mother and my family.

Thank you for being so attentive. Your knowledge and compassion have helped not only our mother but us too!! Much gratitude!

He is so very professional and nice. Very respectful of the needs of the patient. Always very helpful and understanding. Whenever I needed him, he was always there for me. He always checks on me to make sure I am all right. He is really concerned about the patient's needs at all times. He is an asset to the company.

My mother, age 101, has been in this hospital twice since March. Roberto has been helping her on both occasions. He is kind, very helpful, attentive, and very gentle with her. His attention to detail and compassion deserves recognition.

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Megan Callahan, RN IV

Location: Lipson Cancer Institute, Linden Oaks

Nominated by: Colleague

I have had the privilege of working with Megan Callahan for the last 16 years. Shortly after meeting her, I realized she is one of the kindest, most compassionate, and most selfless people I have ever met. Megan and I navigated the inpatient world for a long time, where she naturally fell into a leadership role, long before she was formally appointed to the position. This is mostly because both team members and patients knew they could depend on her. To say, "She goes above and beyond" is an understatement. Whether it's picking up an extra shift, bringing in a patient their favorite snack, or staying late to help with a sick patient, you can always rely on Megan to be there. She advocates for her patients, ensuring they receive the best care possible, and truly gets to know them on a personal level as well. She's always good for a laugh, which for many of our patients (and staff), can be a light at a very dark time. About a year ago, Megan transferred down to the outpatient cancer center. She brought her skills, compassion, and a good sense of humor with her. I've even had patients tell me their treatment days are a little boring when she is not around to entertain them. She is a constant source of comfort for all of those around her. Megan is a true DAISY Nurse. I'm honored to not only call her my coworker but my friend as well. 

Daisy Award Nurse photo

Deseree Lampart, BSN, RN

Location: Dialysis Center, Unity Hospital

Nominated by: Colleague

This letter is inspired by an incredibly dedicated and talented nurse whom I feel lucky to call my colleague. She constantly exemplifies what a hard-working compassionate nurse looks like. She is a critical asset to our team, whether she is fulfilling her obligations as a manager or helping her team out by taking a patient assignment.

As a manager, she is extremely understanding yet effective and has the ability to make the best out of every situation. She leads by example and is always willing to lend a hand regardless of what she has on her own plate. She is a great leader who will always find a way to make sure her unit is covered even if it means taking on extra hours herself. One of her greatest qualities is that she is a fantastic advocate for patients, her direct report staff, and all of her colleagues. She has a way of voicing her opinion that is always in the best interest of others and always fights for what is right. She is incredibly knowledgeable and is an invaluable resource for others. She constantly takes time for teaching moments and always promotes quality patient care. She builds great relationships with patients and their families and is someone that I would fully trust to care for one of my own family members.

In a trying time in healthcare, she gives her all every single day. She has navigated through challenges with patience and professionalism. She exemplifies the mission of RRH by delivering quality care to patients with kindness, integrity, and respect. She is the definition of nursing excellence and is a true DAISY Nurse. 

Daisy Award Nurse photo

Catherine Lindner, LPN III

Location: Dialysis Center, Seneca Ridge

Nominated by: Colleague

Cathy is an excellent LPN, whom I have worked with for the past 12 years. Dialysis can be a very scary and intimidating environment for most people but Cathy works to make it a patient and staff-friendly environment. She makes connections with her patients and focuses on making them feel safe and in good hands. Cathy adapts to all situations and is extremely hard working no dust collects on her from sitting around. She is always willing to help her co-workers, assist with staff training, provide patient education, and completes her daily task required on the unit.

Cathy has participated in the Clinical Ladder for many years. She has provided support to the dialysis unit by tracking, recording, and monitoring patient vaccinations, training Unity Dialysis staff on the new-to-them EMR system, and working tirelessly by putting in extra hours to support several of the RRH Dialysis units. This was strongly evident during the COVID pandemic. She worked countless hours to help us ensure safe dialysis staffing for our patients. She is flexible and willing to work at the different RRH dialysis units when needed. She is one of the few staff members who is cross-trained in all the RRH Dialysis units. She is great with new staff and strives to educate them on the differences in Dialysis nursing.

There is not one single situation that stands out because Cathy gives it her all every day. 

Daisy Award Nurse photo

Lisa Saeva, RN

Location: Lipson Cancer Institute, Unity Hospital

Nominated by: Colleague

Lisa is a great example of what a critically thinking RN looks like. She is empathetic and leaves no stone unturned when it comes to ensuring that our patients receive appropriate, timely care. Many factors impinge upon whether or not patients come in, including transportation issues, challenges with family, etc. Lisa has high standards of professionalism and uses exceptional communication skills to ensure access for any patient that is brought to her attention. On any given day, Lisa wears many hats (without complaint), ranging from nurse navigator, scheduler, nurse educator, and quality improvement specialist. Her approach to patients is nothing short of excellent. Routine examples include working collaboratively with infusion staff to get patients in for treatment as needed and or working with the radiation oncology team to do similar. Lisa’s knowledge, skill, and judgment are admirable and an asset in any clinical environment. We are blessed to have her. 

Daisy Award Nurse photo

Kristina Butler, Director of Nursing

Location: DeMay Living Center

Nominated by: Colleagues 

I am writing to express my full support for this Nursing Leader to be recognized by Rochester Regional Health Long Term Care for the Nurse Leader Award. As the Administrator at DeMay Living Center, I work closely with this leader, who has served as an integral part of the leadership team for the past four years. I have firsthand knowledge of how this nominee’s approach to leadership has led to improvements at the facility and how they have developed a stable nursing leadership team. Specifically, their approach has achieved gains in quality and service excellence for those that are served. This leader works directly in the neighborhoods, hand-in-hand with staff and residents.  They take the time to get to know each resident and are passionate about the care they receive. They do not hesitate to support the team wherever / whenever needed.  I, like others, have come to admire how this leader unselfishly gives their time to strive for excellence in problem-solving and resident care. Many of their efforts have resulted in practices that have helped others throughout RRH long-term care. 

Without question, this nominee is a leader that consistently goes the extra mile for the good of the residents and the organization. I give them my highest recommendation and hope they are considered for this award.

Since I moved to DeMay from Hill Haven, this leader has gone out of their way to be so welcoming and to help me get acclimated to my role and the facility. Not only has this nominee helped me, but I have observed them help anyone that needs it. This leader is always appreciative – even of the little things – and takes time to recognize others. This nominee is a wonderful listener and has this amazing way of making you feel important. This leader ALWAYS puts residents first, and you can tell how much they truly mean to them.

Over the last three years, and throughout the COVID crisis, we have been in awe of this leader; their work ethic, drive, and commitment to DeMay, its residents, and staff. This nominee is truly a servant leader - willing to roll up their sleeves to help the Nursing Team and would never ask someone to do something they, too, would not do. DeMay has been greatly plagued with staffing shortages over the years, but in particular, the last six months or so. This leader ensures that every unit is safely staffed and each resident's needs are being met, even if it means helping directly or working 24/7 to ensure the Nursing needs of our residents are met. They still find ways to recognize and do fun activities for the Nursing Team and are always positive - even on the toughest days. Their calm and approachable demeanor helps the rest of us feel better. They ensure safety and compliance standards are met while taking into consideration the "burnout" some staff members have been feeling. They are a leader you can talk to, and they will truly listen. This person is not flashy or loud and seems to hate personal attention, but DeMay would not be standing without them. This leader is our rock, and we would not be able to care for residents as well as we do without her. We are so appreciative of all they do! We hope they receive this award!

 This leader was a great resource for me when I first came to DeMay and helped me navigate the Long Term Care world. Team members seek this person out for their guidance. They are very organized. They have covered on units in all capacities and as Nurse Managers many times during COVID-19. They somehow keep up with everything needing to be done and puts the residents first. This leader has been part of many committees here at DeMay. They are always striving to make it a great place to work and a safe and loving home for the residents.

Daisy Award Nurse photo

Arleaser Brady, LPN

Location: Unit 2300, Unity Living Center

Nominated by: Colleagues

This Daisy Award nominee is a person that deserves a high level of respect! Their kindness, fairness, caring, empathy, and compassion do not go unnoticed. They display strong communication skills with residents, staff, and families, even during challenging moments. They effectively use critical thinking skills to identify and solve problems and use these strengths to help improve organizational protocols. Their attention to detail helps them successfully carry out directives and precisely individualize care to meet residents’ needs. On the holidays, they take the initiative to decorate their floor, dress the residents in line with the theme, and celebrate! They are always looking for new ways to accomplish a task. (Example: how do I best document my wound care in the flowsheet? How should my wound note look?). This nominee is a team player and leader and has a collaborative approach that allows them to adapt to any changes. They have strengthened their capabilities and skills with years of training, experience, and dedication. These capabilities and skills make them excellent Nurses and enhance their effectiveness to elevate the entire profession and be a role model for others. They utilize time management to improve outcomes in their unit and identify strategies to help the nursing staff be more productive, more efficient, and less stressed. We are so thankful for their hard work and perseverance and to have this Nurse as part of the ULC Team!

Daisy Award Nurse photo

Lisa Wolf, LPN

Location: Edna Tina Wilson Living Center

Nominated by: Colleague

This nominee is so good at following through with what they say they will do, and will never let you down. I needed a special powder and they continually asked for it to be ordered until I received it. This Nurse never seems bothered by my frequent requests and makes me smile every time I see them. They go above and beyond to help the other Nurses and CNAs and will do anything for us residents. We enjoy singing a special song together called, "I am Not Lisa." Even though she is Lisa, she is very special to me. Edna Tina Wilson is a better place because of her, and I am very grateful to have her as a Nurse. The word "Outstanding" certainly describes her.

Daisy Award Nurse photo

Chelsea Snyder, RN

Location: DeMay Living Center

Nominated by: Colleague

I would like to nominate one of my nurses for the DAISY Award. This nurse is kind, intelligent, and hard-working. They are always there for me, and they make the lives of the residents they care for better. I appreciate them very much!

This nurse always goes out of their way to help residents and to transport us to where we need to go. They answer lights, pass medications and take residents to the bathroom. There is nothing they won't do for us! They are an all-around good person, and I know that this nominee watches out for us. They are very deserving of this award.

Daisy Award Nurse photo

Brittny Cure, LPN

Location: Unity 3200, Clifton Springs Nursing Home

Nominated by: Colleague 

As an LPN, this DAISY award nominee is on their way to becoming an extraordinary RN. I have had the privilege of watching them grow as a nurse over the past 4 years and I can confidently say that they have some of the best clinical judgement in this facility. They are quick to pick up on even the slightest changes in a resident's condition and notifies the appropriate parties promptly, with sufficient data to present upon notification. This person also demonstrates great leadership qualities, as they ensure their team of LPNs and CNAs not only provide quality care, but obtain appropriate vitals, weights, etc. This Nurse is extremely compassionate and provides care at the highest standard. They always advocate for their residents, particularly on their home floor – the ventilator unit. You can tell that this nominee is passionate about what they do and strives to learn, and seeks out opportunities. They are not afraid to ask questions and ask for reasoning behind certain orders, med changes, lab results, etc. This is a quality that I feel makes a great nurse: being able to identify when you are not sure about something and asking for clarification/more education. Great healthcare workers learn something new every day, regardless of title or specialty. I, personally, enjoy working with this nominee and admire their motivation to continue to climb the clinical ladder, as they pursue becoming an RN, while working full time. The residents on the ventilator unit at CSNH are lucky to have this nominee. For these residents that cannot speak for themselves, I will speak for them – this nominee is a wonderful Nurse, who goes above and beyond for their residents to provide quality care. I know many of the vent unit families would also agree, that this Nurse is most deserving of the DAISY Award.

Daisy Award Nurse photo

Jasmine Hall, LPN

Location: McCormick Transitional Care Center, Park Ridge Living Center

Nominated by: Patients

This nominee has worked for Rochester Regional Health in Long Term Care since 2016. They came to TCC after the closure of Hill Haven Nursing Home. They have been a bright light and positive force since arriving at TCC. This nominee assisted with the transition from Hill Haven simply by being a positive role model for their teammates....especially those adjusting to the closure of Hill Haven. As a LPN, their leadership skills stand out when they identify and bring educational needs forward to their manager or educator. They are a mentor and a teacher, always willing to show a new person or even a new leader the way. Their demeanor is calm, positive, and always friendly. Staff enjoy working with them and feel supported every shift they work. This nominee is a "manager's dream"....willing to stay late, come in early, switch a shift - anything to make the TCC run smoothly. Their residents and families recognize and comment on their skills. They have been a member of the PRLC Nursing Council and currently is working with their nurse manager to learn how to be an LPN back up for the TCC Clinical Lead. We are so fortunate to have this nominee as part of the PRLC Team!

This Nurse makes sure all their patients are taken care of first thing in the morning - meds given, fed, and helps with care. They are a great team player and really help the aides and other Nurses. This nominee never puts an employee down due to their job status - whether they are a janitor, agency nurse, aide, or volunteer. This nominee greatly appreciates us, as we greatly appreciate her!

Daisy Award Nurse photo

Isabella Dow, RN

Location: 2 West, Newark-Wayne Community Hospital

Nominated by: Patient

Bella has been a part of Newark Wayne Hospital for a short time, but she has already made such a significant influence. In 2021, Bella began her nursing career, and she quickly excelled. Bella joined 2 West as a recent graduate and quickly earned a reputation as the unit's enthusiastic learner. She quickly discovered a love for providing her patients with the "best nurse that she could be." She genuinely valued feedback since she understood it would give her a chance to perform even higher in her role. Aside from how great a nurse Bella aspired to be, she had no idea she was already a great nurse and had such an impact on patient care and her colleagues.

She is involved with both her patients and her coworkers. She takes the time to ensure that the staff who care for our patients are also taken care of. Bella’s traits she exhibits day in and day out make a difference in our small community hospital. It didn't take long for providers and ancillary staff to ask, "Bella, is she a traveler? Because she is amazing!" She was being recognized left and right for her clinical expertise, positive attitude, and drive to provide the best care possible to her patients.

Bella desired more after some time spent settling into the nursing world. Bella became the CNL of 2 West approximately 6 months ago and has truly made a difference in the lives of both patients and staff. She strives to make the best decisions at all times, selflessly keeping everyone in mind to ensure quality and fairness.

Bella has made a significant difference in the day-to-day operations of 2 West. Her perseverance and eagerness to handle all tasks, no matter how difficult, with a smile has been truly appreciated. As Bella always says to her team, “You’re so perfect!” and the team feels the same about her. Thank you for your commitment to 2 West Bella; the patients and team adore you!!

Daisy Award Nurse photo

Kristine Pope, RN, MS, PCCN

Location: Associate Chief Nursing Office, Clifton Springs Hospital & Clinic

Nominated by: Colleagues 

She is always available and supportive to staff when one of many issues occurs on a daily basis.  She is available for phone calls to discuss issues. She is always kind in her interactions with staff, families, and or patients.  You often see her chipping in with transferring patients, assisting with patient care in areas of the hospital, or picking up as nursing supervisor as needed.

Because of her involvement in issues, this results in happier patients and staff.  She is a person who can be relied on for support in any situation. She is very active and directs patient flow as needed.

Kris collaborates with providers and leadership when needed and is highly respected for her ability and understanding of how the system works and how to accomplish and reach her goals.

She gives herself 100% to CSHC every day and is a true DAISY Nurse Leader.

This past year, Kris has been essential in many projects that have happened at Clifton. She worked diligently with the team to help the hospital earn magnet status. She helped write the stories that got us this designation and assisted in organizing the process when they were doing their survey. She was also highly involved in the positive DNV survey that Clifton had. She was able to help orchestrate DNV readiness and is currently assisting in action plans for the small findings that Clifton had. She has worked tirelessly on assisting with opening the new emergency department and working through every bump in the road. She is a great problem solver and has great connections with many members of the RRH system. She is present on the units, and the staff knows who she is. She is easily approachable and always has ideas to better our units. She is a great role model for both leadership and bedside nurses.

I wanted to share with you that last week we had a very challenging young lady as a patient. She is developmentally delayed, with horrible tremors, and apparently an incredibly picky eater. She would not eat anything on any tray provided to her, and staff spent a lot of time with her trying to figure out what she would eat. Ultimately she decided she wanted vanilla yogurt and applesauce. Because of her tremors, we thought that she would benefit from a ‘squeezable’ form of both of these items since they didn’t require the use of utensils.

I told Kris I was going to go to Tops to purchase these items, and she immediately said no, and she would go. She promptly went to Tops and purchased yogurt and applesauce for this young lady and refused to allow me to pay for it. My team and I were so grateful, appreciative, and in awe of this kind gesture. 

Kris truly is an amazing advocate and support for our teams and our patients. 

This nurse is everything to us. She creates a safe place for team members to “share”; we laugh together and sometimes cry together, although “WE” do most of the crying. She is patient, and she is supportive. She is the voice of reason during uncertain times. She has helped in the development of new departments as well as large technology acquisitions and upgrades. She advocates fiercely on behalf of the voice of nurses. This is all detailed in our Magnet document that she helped drive to the finish. In addition to others, she has been highly influential in shaping who I am today (and I know many other team members feel similarly). She is one of the most determined, focused, and driven individuals I have ever met. Her leadership has made all of us better as she challenges each of us to be the best versions of ourselves. Thank you for all you do, Kris Pope!


Daisy Award Nurse photo

Helen King, RN

Location: Addiction Recovery Unit, Clifton Springs Hospital & Clinic

Nominated by: Colleagues 

Helen goes above and beyond for the patients and her co-workers. She is very understanding. I appreciate what she had taught me as a new LPN and being new to RRH. 

Helen is very kind and caring.  She listens to the patients and always has their best interest.    She asks questions to have a better understanding and is consistent with patients and staff.  Helen works overnights, and I trust her with any decision she makes.  Helen goes above and beyond to communicate with her coworkers. I love how she is detail oriented and thinks of others.  I am grateful to work with Helen and be able to learn from her.  

Hellen is patient and kind with all the people that come through our floor, even when they are not having a great day. She works the overnight shift several nights and makes sure the patients have a good morning running smoothly and addresses any issues that arise during the night with kindness. Hellen makes the night shift run so smoothly, and everything is easy for those around her to do their jobs.  She is always there to listen to patients and her co-workers and is factual, and gives advice based on her life experience. Hellen is like the mom you never knew you needed and treats each patient with care and class. 

Helen is an amazing nurse. She is kind and generous. She pays attention to every fine detail to make sure that patients get the best care possible. She advocates not only for the patients but for each and every one of her coworkers. Despite whatever struggles she faces in her home life, she comes to work with a smile on her face and tries her best to make everyone around her smile. She is someone you can come to and talk with, and she never judges. She is an extraordinary nurse and an even better human being. I can’t think of anyone better to receive a Daisy nomination. 

Daisy Award Nurse photo

Sydney Wellspeak, RN

Location: Maternity Unit, Clifton Springs Hospital & Clinic

Nominated by: Patient

From the first time Sydney stepped into our room, she was professional, energetic, and passionate.  Sydney took the time to explain everything she was doing and outlined our options so we could constantly advocate for ourselves, and she wasn’t scared to advocate for us, either.  She was patient, supportive, and friendly.  I’m so thankful that she was a part of our care and our new daughter’s birth story.

Daisy Award Nurse photo

Lynese Castro, LPN

Location: Maternity Unit, Clifton Springs Hospital & Clinic

Nominated by: Patient

Lynese’s quick actions to suction a choking baby to get him breathing again are a demonstration of her clear thinking and dedication to caring for her patients.  This is in addition to always having a positive attitude and constant willingness to help.  Lynese is an amazing nurse.

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