5 Heart-Pumping Winter Activities

Get your heart pumping and burn some holiday calories with these top winter activities.

Dec. 19, 2019 2   min read

Young woman throwing snowball

Cold weather is often a deterrent for certain exercises. Running on icy pavements can be dangerous, and hiking, exploring trails, mountain biking, and other similar heart-pumping activities are better left for warmer temperatures. But there are still plenty of ways you can burn calories during winter! Here are our top 6 winter activities to help get your heart pumping.

Important: Regardless of your fitness level, remember to take frequent breaks and drink plenty of water when you're performing any activity.

1. Go for a Walk

The first snowfall is a beautiful canvas of bright, fresh powder. What better way to enjoy the sight than to head out into the elements! If the weather conditions are agreeable, don some weather-appropriate attire and take a walk - either down the street or road, or along a path or trail in a nearby park.

If an outdoor excursion doesn’t work, try to find a place to walk around indoors. Taking a few laps around a mall or large department store can elevate your heart rate and get your muscles moving.

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2. Snowball Fight

You can really turn up the intensity with an old-fashioned snowball fight! Snowball fights engage your entire body. Whether you’re throwing, ducking, running, or jumping in the snow, you'll be using arm, legs, back, and shoulder muscles.

Recovery Tip: Eat a protein-heavy meal after your workout to repair your muscle tears.

3. Clean Snow Off Car 

Cleaning the ice and snow off your car is another cold-weather activity that can’t be avoided. But it can substitute as an effective winter workout.

To maximize the use of your back and arm muscles, hold the snow brush firmly in two hands and make long, sweeping motions as far as you can reach. Your car's front and back windshields, and the top of your car, are ideal surfaces to perform this motion. Aim for three to five reps or more depending on your fitness level (and amount of snow on your car). 

When chipping away at the ice on your windshield, hold the snow scraper firmly in two hands and thrust down in short bursts at a 45-degree angle.

4. Ice Skating

A traditional winter activity, ice skating can be both a great workout and a leisurely activity. Most ice rinks allow you to rent skates at an affordable price so you can spend as much time as you want burning calories. Ice skating is ideal for both small and large groups, and even if your skating skills aren't the best, you'll still get a great workout!

5. Yoga

Not all winter activities need to be outside. And while yoga can be done any time of the year, it can be especially rewarding in the cozy confines of your home or a yoga studio.

You can burn up to 500 calories doing yoga, and there are several different types of yoga you can choose from, depending on your fitness level and preference. Feeling shy about doing yoga at a studio? Get your heart pumping at home by downloading a yoga video or streaming from YouTube.

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