6 Ways To Give Thanks And Give Back

In ways both small and immense, healthcare workers are saving our lives with their dedication, kindness, and expertise. If you want to show your appreciation, here are a few ways to give back.

Nov. 17, 2023 5   min read

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During the season of Thanksgiving, we often reflect on the gratitude we have for those around us – friends, family, loved ones and sometimes even healthcare workers.

If you are wondering how to show your thanks and appreciation for the healthcare providers in your life or within our community, here are a few suggestions.

1. Post your thanks

Take a moment to send your thanks, stories, and messages of encouragement with our teams. Sharing your message of thanks publicly is a great way to express your appreciation for a healthcare worker or team.

Patients and their families can share a message and include photos or videos through our Kudoboard – an online platform for patients, visitors, and healthcare providers to show their appreciation for our team members publicly. Posts are visible to our providers and the public so everyone can see how proud we are of our team members.

2. Make a donation or support a cause

There are several ways to donate to Rochester Regional Health Foundation, whether it’s a monetary gift, or finding a cause to support the advancement of our efforts and mission of Rochester Regional Health. Let our caregivers know how important their work is to you.

Make A Gift Today

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3. Volunteer your time

Volunteers are an integral part of the care we provide to our patients and visitors. Whether offering comfort to patients or supporting hospital staff, we are grateful for the generosity of our volunteers.

You can help us continue our mission of enhancing lives and preserving health by offering the highest quality and most affordable care, delivered with kindness, integrity, and respect. Start by reaching out to volunteer coordinators at one of our hospitals.

4. Be kind to other healthcare workers

This may seem small, but being kind to healthcare workers can make a big difference. When patients and their families are going through tough times while getting help from doctors and nurses, being thoughtful and showing compassion to providers matters a lot.

Especially during this season of gratitude and thanks, small acts of kindness go a long way toward making healthcare providers feel appreciated.

5. Send over food or drinks

From sandwiches to coffee to baked goods, sharing gratitude through food can be a great way to express your thanks to your provider and their team.

Check with the provider and their team first to make sure it’s okay with them.

6. Write a note

Whether you write your thoughts down in a letter, card, email, or text message, healthcare providers always find messages of gratitude to be a boost. Getting a note from a patient is a reminder to each provider that their work is valued and respected.

Don’t worry about how short or long a message is; the fact that you are sharing that message with the care team is what counts.

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Each day, our teams at Rochester Regional Health strive to promote, maintain, and restore the health of patients and their families. In a complex and changing world of health care, we work to ensure the care you receive is of the highest quality and uniquely suited for you.

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